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What is Personal Accident Cover?

A personal accident is a sudden, unexpected, unintentional event that causes bodily injury and in some instances death so a personal accident cover will look to provide some of financial benefit should a cause of such nature occur.

Some providers will offer a lump sum to cover fractures of one or more bones as a one off payment within the year, some providers will provide an unlimited amount of pay-out for a broken bone within the term of the policy which is usually 12 months. Other pay-outs are made for more severe injuries such as permanent and total disablement, loss of sight, loss of hearing, loss of hands and feet as well as a pay-out per night for being hospitalised as an in-patient overnight as a result of an accident payable for a set period of time.

According to a report conducted by compare the market, there are approximately 126247 road incidents in Great Britain a year and that is just road accidents!

There are also injuries caused from playing sports and even injuries resulting from an incident on a regular night out that results in a fracture or hospitalisation. There is certainly a need for everyone to have a personal accident plan.

Personal accident cover can be taken out as a standalone policy which means its not tied into another plan by an individual and its possible to even add members of your family such as children and even spouse on some plans to give the entire family peace of mind. If you partake in sports and prone to injury, then its likely you can pay slightly extra to cover you to include the likes of partial ligament tears, tendon ruptures and dislocations. If you work within the medical sector, extra specialist cover can be added to cover the likes of Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and C and other illnesses that can be picked up due to the nature of your work.

Personal accident plans can also be taken as a corporate plan for employees so its paid by the employer for the benefit of their employees which will enhance an employee benefits package and acts as an employee benefit to attract, retain and protect your workforce.

Personal accident cover usually requires no medical underwriting so its definitely a policy designed that can be benefited by mostly everyone and as mentioned will provide peace of mind if an incident was to occur that caused temporary or permanent bodily injury.

To find out more about personal accident cover contact for more information.

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