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Employee Benefits- All small businesses should have them!

Many small businesses are unaware of the level of support they can provide to employees to add value and improve their health and well-being. We are extremely excited to offer small companies the opportunity to attract, retain and protect their staff by supporting them implement employee benefits that they probably didn't think was possible.

Employee Benefits are a great way to improve staff retention, attract new talent but its also a way to improve staff motivation, boost morale and really improve the health and financial well-being of employees. How is this possible I hear you ask!! Well there are a variety of ways smaller companies can do this, from introducing schemes that not only protects employees and their families financially but are able to provide resources, training and consultation sessions and other methods to improve overall health, access huge discounts to support with everyday costs and what small businesses will find is as they start in one area, the benefits will outweigh the cost and they will want to work on improving other areas. This stuff doesn't have to cost a fortune and yes it does cost less than you think! The benefits can be introduced gradually as budget allows so there is no need to throw money at every benefit immediately. In order to stand out from the crowd and beat the competition, its important to do something unique so why not embed a culture that is all about improving the overall and health and financial well-being of your staff which will mean attracting quality people and retaining key people.

Well I am a one man band and don't have employees, I've left my company that had all of these perks and benefits. Are these benefits available to me too?

I am pleased to tell you that yes indeed there are many ways as a director of your own company or owner/founder of a business you are able to access certain schemes that you probably didn't think was possible. I love assisting companies that have been 1-10 employees because they fall off their chair literally when I tell them what they can put in place for themselves and their employees.

A sole trader or a director possibly started off their working journey in a larger corporation and then decided to make the wonderful decision to go self-employed but this means they leave behind a corporate job with all of these amazing benefits such as private medical insurance, critical illness cover oh and that death in service was probably quite good as well! All of this security is left behind and they now need to figure out how to start and grow their own business (which is a never ending journey by the way) but one day they take a minute to breathe and realise oh my goodness if I cant work because I am unwell who is going to pay me? What happens if I contract a critical illness? What happens to my family if anything happens to me? I used to have discounts at all these major retailer and saved loads on family holidays...all benefits gone! Security gone. Ironically something previously taken for granted is now looked upon as golden and a necessity. That is where we can help you.

Employee benefits that can make a huge difference to small company directors, their employees and families include:

Death in service Benefit or Relevant Life Insurance - this is designed to pay a lump sum to the beneficiaries of the employee in the event of death.

Group Income protection/ Executive Income Protection- this is designed to pay a monthly income benefit to the employee who is unable to work due to an accident or illness that have rendered them incapacitated.

Group Critical Illness Insurance- this is designed to pay a lump sum payment to the employee if there to be diagnosed with a major critical illness such as Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke.

Group Private Medical Insurance- This is designed to provide private care such as diagnostics and treatment and be seen a specialist consultant as an in-patient, day patient or out-patient.

Health Cash Plans- This is designed to enable employees to claim back on everyday health care expenses such as teeth cleaning or new prescription glasses, physiotherapy sessions and more.

Mental Health Training- This is designed to provide assistance to an organisation and their employees to train employees on various mental health issues.

Employee Assistance Programmes- this is designed to provide a confidential helpline and or face to face counselling sessions for area of concerns for an employee such as debt management.

Perks- this is designed to provide discounts across thousands of retail shops, restaurants, days out, attractions and holidays.

These plans can be taken out individually or as a part of an entire package. Advice should always be sought to firstly understand what your aims and goals are for your business, establish a budget and then work out a solution that will work for you and your workforce.

For a no-obligation chat to review your existing plans or if you have started looking at employee benefit solutions but you don't quite know what is best then contact me at

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