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Critical Illness Cover- What is it and Why is it important?

Critical Illness cover is such an important cover that should be taken out as early as possible. Critical illness cover provides an individual and or families with a lump sum or a monthly benefit to someone who has contracted a critical illness.

What type of Critical illnesses is covered?


Heart Attack


Multiple Sclerosis

Coronary artery by-pass surgery

are just some of the critical illnesses covered on a protection policy and most claimed on. Most providers will cover approximately 40 Critical Illnesses, some less, some more but the point is if the worst was to happen there would be financial assistance in place to support that person whilst decisions are made about treatment required, understanding the diagnosis, taking time off work for second opinions etc.

Personal plans are taken out by individuals who want peace of mind and protection and Corporate benefits offered through a workplace, could include cover of a certain amount.

Companies have a duty of care to their staff to ensure they have done all they can to enhance the financial, physical and mental Well-being of their staff so a critical illness policy incorporated in your benefits strategy is a great way to support your employees, especially when some people may struggle to get personal cover due to their existing health conditions. A plan through their place of work could just be that added layer of protection they would not have had themselves.

If Critical Illness Cover is something you have thought about but put off for whatever reason then contact our office on 01332913006 and ask for Fiona who is the Employee Benefits and Protection Specialist and will help you navigate the best options and hopefully find you a suitable plan.

If you are a company thinking about what additional benefits you can implement to enhance your rewards and benefits strategy then please also get in touch by calling 01332913006 or emailing Group Critical Illness Cover might just be the best for your team that could support them if the worst was ever to happen.

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