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Group Life Insurance 

Group Life Insurance is a plan that is taken out by the company and provides employees dependants with financial support in the event of an employees death whilst employed by the company. It is a cost effective employee benefit and common amongst employers. 

Group Life Insurance is an insurance policy taken out by an employer for the life of their employees for the benefit of their dependants in the event of death. This benefit is also commonly known as a death in service benefit. The aim of a Group Life Insurance policy is to provide compensation or financial security to the families of the employees in the event of death. 

Why Group Life Insurance?

-These policies are extremely inexpensive in comparison to personal insurance policies.

- For most cases there will be no medical or financial underwriting required to start the plan. 

- May provide cover to employees that have pre-existing medical conditions. 

- Can provide cover to employees that may have been declined personal life insurance. 

Group Life Insurance provides an employer the opportunity to provide employees with peace of mind in knowing that everyday living costs, liabilities such as mortgages and their families overall will be covered should the worst happen. For the employer it shows you care about and are choosing to invest in the wellbeing of an employee’s family which can help you stand out from the crowd when attracting employees or retaining them. 

How we can help?

We will take the time to understand your business and ascertain how we can help. We will help you minimise cost, delve into any additional benefits and how they can be utilised by your team immediately and free of charge. We will help you understand the differences in underwriting and find the best possible solution for you all round. 

Get in touch with us!

If your looking to implement Group Life insurance as an employee benefit then please contact us on 08000495949 or email and we would be happy to explore all of your options. 

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