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Employee Benefits 

Pearl Rose Insurance Brokers, provide solutions to help you attract, retain and protect your team with quality employee benefits. We can help you put in place a range of solutions to attract, retain and protect your team with the following: Death in Service, Group Critical illness insurance, Group Income Protection, Group Health Insurance, health Cash Plans, Dental Cash Plans, Occupational Health, Personal Accident Insurance and more. 

How we can support your business?

Review your business and understand your company culture

Our initial meeting will be an in depth conversation regarding your business, its employees and what your goals are for the team. At this stage, we will be able to identify the types of benefits most suited to your business.

Sourcing Solutions

Based on the initial discussion, we will go away and start researching so we can find the most suitable products for your team. We start designing the benefits package suitable for your business needs.

Presenting the Solutions 

Once we have designed a package suitable, we will present our findings to you and explain why and how we have designed the package based on our initial conversation.

Implementation and communication of employee benefits. 

Once you are satisfied with the solutions, we will go ahead and implement the solutions, and update you along the way. We will then organise a suitable time to support you communicate the benefits alongside the specified provider to your employees. You will receive dedicated support from our specialists throughout the journey. 

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